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Add Global Product

More details can be entered in the editor after the product is accepted to the database.

  • Example:Wrigley's Extra Professional Polar Ice.

  • Example: Wrigley's or company's GID code

  • Example:4 009900 508 568

  • Example: 50

  • Example: Piece, kg, litre

  • Describe the product or service

  • If main language is different then English

  • (English only)


Name Full name of the product without variants, packaging. Manufacturer's name does not need to be part of the name.
Manufacturer Producer or manufacturer, if known. Brand names, trademarks are to be entered here. For example user friendly Wrigley's as company selected brand name, even though full name is Wm. Wrigley Jr. Company which will be handled by the separate company profile page.
GID or product code Full code under the barcode, if available. Spaces and capital case do not matter.
If your product already have a GID (Global ID Code), preferably enter it here, then no barcode is needed.
Amount / Amount of Describe product by number and name of the items. It can be for example 1 piece, 50 pills, 1 litter, 20 kg and so on.
If you are not sure, enter 1 piece. Otherwise try to describe product as friendly as possible and write additional details to the description.
For example you can define "1 piece" of the packaging. Or "50 pills" of chewing gum or "120 gramm" worth of weight.
Drinks should be usually described by volume (1 litter, etc)
Multiple packaging of same product by number of products (20 USB Sticks)
Most services by minimum billed amount: 1 Hour (Teacher at home), 1 km (Taxi driving) or as "1 service" if not sure
Description Provide a short description of the product. If possible enter size, weight, color or possible variations as well.
HTML Code is not allowed but you can use BBCode instead. Links to external pages are not allowed.
If main language of the product is not English, it is required to have an English translation. Brand names or product names should not be translated.
More detailed product editor is available once the product is accepted to the database.
Localized Description If the product is available in another language then English, please provide localized description as well. Other localizations you can add later in translation options.
Category Speed up the editing process by picking up the right Category. If not sure, pick any one you think is right and our redaction team will assign the right one.
Category detailed Write a singular English name of the subcategory where you believe the product belongs. For example "Chewing Gum" or "Soft Drink", "Printing".
This entry is optional.
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