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GID™ DB the Product and Service Database

GID Db is a free and open database for all products, parts and services around the globe.

Introducing GID Code

Global Identification Code is world's first free and unique Id, replacing countless variants of identification labels and barcodes.
GID is partially backward compatible with EAN, UPC, ISBN and other international codes. In most cases relabeling of your product is not neccessary until next design change.
GID is compatible with all current barcode readers and printers.
GID makes international (paid) standardization obsolete, but is designed to coexist until full adoption.
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For Everything

Be it a product with world-wide sales, small app, spare part for BMW or local barber's service, unique global identification gives you chance to get control over information customers receive.
Anybody can insert and maintain information about the product or service offered (wikipedia style).
Every Id has own profile page with available photos, information, and even "friends" / relevant products and services, all free in many languages.

GID is a unique, free code and profile page for:

For Everybody

For Manufacturers

Add your own products to the database to always maintain correct description, data sheets and photos.
For automated imports please contact us, we support various API and import documents to make your job easier.

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For Shops

GID DB allows you to offer products with allways right description, photos and additional information, including size, weight and packaging content.
You can also add products you are missing here for everybody else.

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For Developers

Use of GID Db is and stays free, even for commercial use or for developers trying to connect their own shop for product description, photos, global product IDs, dimensions, weight, packaging, barcodes and more.
You can get an API documentary on our contact.
If you use GID DB for commercial use, consider dedicating some manpower to our redaction team.

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Get Started

Request early access and reserve your EAN/UPC/ISBN or become a strategic launch-partner
GID DB is an initiative of YuliApp® and partners, giving free and open control over official product information and identification across the globe. Free alternative to expensive certification companies reducing costs, minimizing product to market delays and defines future-proof vision of product indentification.
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