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GID™ is the only type of identification you will ever need. Backward, legacy compatible with older style of barcodes too.
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GID is backward compatible with prior article numbers. GID registration is free, backward compatibility is on first-come-first-serve basis. Claim prior barcodes

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Maintain 100% valid information about your product or service for world-wide use on one place. Allow shops to get high quality information and images with zero effort. Edit article information Translations Add product photos Add datasheets

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GID code solves lot of challenges in daily business life. Contact us to get personal demo or request solution for your problem. Contact us GID code ranges Internal use and spare parts, DPM Implement in your business Online shop automation

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FAQ of the day:
Q: Is GID: A1234 same as either of GID: A01234, GID: A0000000001234, GID: 00A1234 or GID: A1234000?
A: No. GID Code is alphanumeric and leading zeros are valid characters. However you can add spaces to human readable part every 4 characters for better readability: GID: A-1234, GID: AA-AAAA-1234 and so on.

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